USing C# code

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Create a drill down option on actions to open a code editor and allow custom code maybe in c# to be added to have full control of what the action is capable of. Similar to what is done on integration studio but in service studio as well for customizing actions that you have no created and maybe consumed from another application as a dependency 

Created on 30 Oct 2017
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Even though it looks nice, it will stop being low-code then, so no for me.

imho, in the end you should not need integration studio at all...

You can always create custom code in IS.

For everything else, I'm pretty sure the platform itself and some javascript will be enough.

What would be the advantage of doing this in Service Studio? This is exactly where Integration Studio was designed for.

Besides that agree with above -> what would be the low-code advantage?

The advantage is obvious: just a single location for editing. I agree though that this would be undesirable, as it defeats the low-code paradigm.

why can't I see the comments?