Using a list in an advanced query

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So I want to be able to do something like this:

FROM myTable
WHERE someId IN (@MyList)

However currently I have to resort using a comma seperated string and use an expand inline.
Which in turn costs performance, which is something we wish to avoid.

Created on 30 Oct 2017
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2 Nov 2017

The performance has to come from somewhere. If you're not manually making your list into a comma seperated list, the Platform has to do it for you - as we say in Dutch, linksom of rechtsom, the database needs plain text.

Also, you can't just have any list, it must be a list of stuff you can convert to Text.

3 Nov 2017

Hmm, that's definately true, this would only work with a text list....

There isn't an option to use a list in an Aggregate or using a WHERE IN inside an aggregate right?

3 Nov 2017

Nope, there's no such things.