Basic Authentication to Consume SOAP Web Service

By Darren Conroy on 31 Oct 2017

I have a web address that requires a username and password to access the WSDL. (Basic Authentication)

Therefore, I cannot consume the SOAP Web Service directly within OutSystems (Integrations -> SOAP -> Consume SOAP Web Service)

I have to create a local copy of the WSDL and save it locally including EVERY XSD within the WSDL. I then have to manually map the WSDL to the local XSD's.

Then I consume the LOCAL WSDL and all works.

Extremely time consuming for large WSDLs.

We want to use the  'Consume SOAP Web Service' and simply pass in the username and password (optional)

João Amorim2 Nov 2017

Have you tried using basic authentication in the URL? 

Something like this:

Darren Conroy6 Nov 2017

Hi Joao. Tried that but didn't work for me. Regards