In Service Studio support closing the Editor window when the Enter key is pressed from Property window for the same key.

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In the property key/value window, clicking the ... button or clicking the property name, open brings up the OS Editor window.  When the Editor window is open, all edits performed in the in the editor window or the key value property windows occur simultaneously.  I am interested in the having the editor window automatically close when editing in the key value property windows and a the Enter key is pressed at the end of the property value.

Created on 1 Nov 2017
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Hmm, no love on this one.  I find the Code Editor popup and direct property value interaction quite annoying in general.  On a large assignment action, its not unusual for 2 or Code Editors to be spawned for the same action.  Sometimes I do not even attend for the Editor even to come up, I just click wrong.  I really just want one editor open per action with some type of way to close the Code Editor while actively editing in the Property key /value windows.  Think Excel, editing a cell and then clicking enter; the cell change is committed, the cell down is selected, and the editor window has selected formula displayed.