Have the local variables in actions sorted on name (or manual)

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When you have a lot of local variables in a action it's sometimes hard to find the variable.
The sort order is now the order of creating the variables.

It would be better to sort them on name of on a manual sort.

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Created on 2 Nov 2017
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Its a good idea.Sort by variable name is necessary for clear and systematic  view.

You can already manually order the variables. Use CTRL+up or down to change the order. When also adding an automated sort, this manual functionality will break. Personally I like the current possibility, because I can group variables together that belong to each other. 

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

I mean it should not do it automatic but I would like to have the option:

- right click on action name and choose 'Sort local variables'

Remco thanks for key stroke tip, is there a list of other hidden key stokes?