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It would be great to have a log of changes that monitors ServiceStudio.

We are working together in one application and I can't see in 1 view what is changed. 

It would be nice to have a log of changes that were made during dev.

Created on 6 Nov 2017
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When you publish your code, your code will be merged with the code of the other developers.
When both have worked on the same thing OutSystems will show you the conflict and you can zoom in on the code which has been hit by two different developers.

Where do you need the logging for?

Hi Johan,

We don't have any conflicts, because we work on different screens in the same application.

But what we would like, is to have something like release notes. There we can see what the team did to build the application. Keep track of the changes that are made in Service Studio.


You mean something like when comitting a piece of code using git? I often see people automatically generate release notes by getting the commit messages from git.

Hi Richard,

The idea to add a comment when publishing a module is already posted as a new idea.
But this would me a manual comment.
You want a automatic log of all changes?
I think that will be a really large log.