Make the template more compliant with the best practices

By André Ramos on 27 Apr 2010

So when it's used it doesn't get so much negative feedback.

Fernando Sousa11 May 2010

In Service Studio, all descriptions are empty! :-(

Some of the screen comments are not disabled, so they will appear in the page HTML source code. The only thing keeping them from being displayed to users is the CSS definition.

Some of the examples do not maintain coherence of the information displayed on screen: when deleting selected records, the table record will be refreshed (removing the lines refering to the deleted records) but the pagination (ex.: "10 to 20 of 40 records") is not updated
ovatsus20 May 2010
Since 5.0, the new screen comments don't go to the html anymore, unlike what happened in 4.2.
Pedro Oliveira6 Jun 2011
The new style guide from 6.0 improves significantly on this front.