Preview Data in Production mode

By Ângelo Sousa on 6 Nov 2017

Hello community!

Since the View data option is not supported in a Production Mode Environmente, would it be possible to add an option to "export" the data to Excel or something of sorts?


Remco Dekkinga7 Nov 2017

Hi Angelo,

You can create a management screen to export data to excel or you can just login to the database (with read-only rights, because it's Production).

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

Johan den Ouden7 Nov 2017

Just wondering: Why is the preview data option not supported in Production Mode?
It would be very helpful if you can view the data when there are problems.

Ângelo Sousa7 Nov 2017

Hello Remco

Logging in to the database is usually sufficient, but in my current professional project we do not have access to the PRD database. I thought about this idea yesterday because I wanted to check if my bootstraps ran correctly in the PRD environment. What I did was change the run mode to DEV in Service Center and then check the preview mode in Service Studio, but it's not a very quick thing to do just to check if we have data.

Like Johan, why is the preview not supported in Production Mode? Does it have anything to do with "data protection" (since the PRD environment usually has real data)?



Remco Dekkinga7 Nov 2017

Hi Angelo,

This has indeed something to do with data protection, but mostly with application performance. 

When you set your production environment to DEV mode and republishing some modules, the system generates sourcecode which has extra debugging and logging functionalities and reduces the performance of a production environment. This is something you don't want to do on Production.

To check if your bootstraps ran correctly, you should have created a management screen where you show the progress in some kind of dashboard layout.