Expand Service Studio objects built in icons to differentiate the objects by the object's key properties values.

By erik berg on 7 Nov 2017

I am getting tired of importing the same icons over and over again to differentiate one the key property or properties of the object.  I believe the TableRecord refresh object changes its icon based on a ajax or non ajax call.  Looking for more objects like this, but more geared on main OS objects:








Having different icons would help in security validation by quickly indicating what is publicly exposed and to what extent.

Johan den Ouden8 Nov 2017

I would like to have a place in Service Studio to add your own icons on one place which can be used in all eSpaces. This way I have more freedom to choose the icons.

Claring8 Nov 2017

I agree with Johan, besides having the freedom to do so, just having 1 place to change all the icons for all espaces would make things much easier and faster to change.

erik berg8 Nov 2017

All for not having to add any icons, adding the icons once, and/or a user settings that maps you icon preferences based on the object and its properties.  The later would be something similar to user settings for a code editor where font and color can be manipulated by code token type and scope.  https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/configuring-colors-and-fonts.html