Refactoring Tooling - Move object and it dependencies to a different module

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My previous high code developer career, included 10+ of the refactoring tools that automated pain of moving objects to different namespaces and/or modules.  I would love to have a right click move to module menu that brings up a popup window that lists all the dependencies of that object.  The interface would allow the checking and unchecking the dependency objects where all checked dependents would be migrated along with the original selected object.  The confirmation screen would list all the objects that would be migrated and list any public and read only object changes that would be changed as part of the migration. 

Created on 7 Nov 2017
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I like this, but I suspect it is a duplicate.


Agreed. It should made be easier for us to move stuff around. Entities please

We need this indeed. It's always a problem when projects grow and the architecture of the application should change.

Actual I think there is more pain in server actions that call many other service actions than entites.  Entities and structures move pretty easily.  Besides the dependencies, the next biggest pain point is remapping as base entities might be different between modules for a given flavor of a domain object (model, viewmodel, view).  Alas that is another Refactoring tool - Change Signature with cascading action.  Resharper and InteliJ have has these features for the last decade or so.

Possibly not the same, but related with two additional ideas: