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It already happened to me a couple of times - since I have the habit of setting the assign labels, sometimes I forget the assign itself. An empty assign has no logic at all, and therefore should display a True-Change warning to developers.

Created on 8 Nov 2017
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I agree that this could indeed be helpful.

You could also try and change your habit by only changing the assign's label after you have set the assign(s).   

I use empty assigns on purpose to make the flow more organized / symmetric. Only in rare cases I do it, though.

I leave the label with a blank space, so you can easily tell that's an empty assign.

Although I haven't fallen prey of this I don't see how providing more feedback about potential problems would be a bad thing.

That being said, and like Leonardo mentions, empty Assigns are useful as "routers" for more complex action flows.

We need a better way to route logic than empty assigns:



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It'll be great to have warnings in truechange about empty assigns widgets in the flows.

Also, if the user compare  a local (or input) var of a screen with an aggregate value of one attribute as a filter of the aggregate query, instead of the opposite. Like,

BookingId = Booking.Id

Instead of

Booking.Id = BookingId

It will be great to show a warning in Trouchange too.

Also, if this happen in reverse order in an assign widget in a flow. This mean, assign to a aggregate attribute the value of a local var, instead the opposite.

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