Developers own local setup/space/environment

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I am currently facing a situation where I have to wait for peer developer's publishing to finish to avoid concurrent publishing.

I think it will be a great idea to introduce something like a local environment/setup/space as we have for java application for each developer so that he/she do not have to wait for other developer's publishing to finish.

Once developer is sure of his changes working fine he can then rollout his/her changes to the main stream along with other developer's changes.

Please let me know if it make sense. :)

Created on 10 Nov 2017
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So you basicly want branching in Outsystems?

I think this could be combined with the 'commit message' idea so that when you eventually merge the branches together you could cherry pick what you want to take from each branch.

Though this would also create problems in that users might work on an outdated branch, so there should be an option to pull from another branch (let's say the main branch) in order to keep things up to date.

I would love the entire publishing and merging thing to be more like git, but I'm afraid it would take alot of time to develop this in Outsystems (and if there is even enough need for something like this).

Have you tried debugging in your personal space? Under the debug menu this is an option and allows you to have a running application that can be debugged without deploying to the main server

  • Claring : "I would love the entire publishing and merging thing to be more like git" yes exactly.

  • Stacey: Yes I have tried that, but it only creates a separate endpoint to test the application.