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Often I drag an Action statement from the toolbar, type in the name of the Action, only to find I haven't referenced it. Currently that means closing the pop-up (it's eSpace modal), clicking the "Manage Dependencies" button, selecting the right Action, double Clicking the "RunServerAction1" Action statement, again type the name (for the third time).

I'd love to have a Manage Dependencies button right on the pop-up, so I can skip all the above.

Created on 13 Nov 2017
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Would make life simpler indeed. Eliminating some of these small "frustrations" that we learn to live with, make the product great and the time savings even more so.

I could have sworn this Idea already existed, but I couldn't find it!


Justin: me neither, I did search first. Seems such a no-brainer :).

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When adding a server action the action search only finds actions that are already referenced.

It would be good to have a extra option to search the action in the modules already referenced so we don't need to close the Select Action dialog, go to Manage Dependencies, select the module, type the search and add the action we need, open the Select Action dialog again and search for the action again.

Eclipse, for example, does something similar with the class import: you type the name of the class partially, hit CTRL-Space and the IDE automatically handles the import statement.




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