Data Type Property Value Control - Add ToList, ToRecord, and ToBase buttons

By erik berg on 14 Nov 2017

On the Data Type property, in addition to the existing Combobox Date Type selection button, please add 3 new button that will take the existing data type to a List or Record or the object's base data type.


ToList button:  BaseDataType - > BaseDataType List

ToRecord button:  BaseDataType -> BaseDataType Record

ToBase button: disabled


ToList button:  disabled

ToRecord button:  BaseDataType List -> BaseDataType Record

ToBase button: BaseDataType List -> BaseDataType


ToList button:  BaseDataType Record -> DataType List

ToRecord button: disabled

ToBase button: BaseDataType Record -> BaseDataType

Justin James15 Nov 2017

Where do you want this? The Entity editor? Action/Screen variables? All places? I think this would be super confusing in the Entity editor, but it may make sense for the variables.