Site Properties / Endpoints / Timers Overview

By Miguel Sousa on 17 Nov 2017

It would be nice that Outsystems platform could provide a way of listing all the site properties / EndPoints / Timers with the main aspects of this elements so we could control and configure, in a easier way, the deploy process of an application / environment. 

Justin James18 Nov 2017

I *think* there are Forge components out there for this.


Carlos Alfaro21 Nov 2017

There are two Forge components that list Site Properties, References and Timers:

Site Properties Management - Lifetime plugin that enables the configuration of site properties and web references on multiple environments with a side-by-side view. 

Toupeira - List and Export all Site Properties, Web References, REST Web References and Timer Schedules of all Applications. 


Miguel Sousa22 Nov 2017

Thank you Carlos, I didn't know :) If it was included in lifetime, it would be better. But It's nice to have on forge also.