FontAwesome - Update to latest version

By Hanno on 22 Nov 2017

Would be nice if we could get access to the latest icons

J.23 Nov 2017

Yes and no.

Yes more icons is nice, but it needs to get an overhaul, mostly because one does not use 500icons in the applications. So the css and ttf is getting to big and is just 90% deadweight.

Especially for first-time access it adds up.

Hanno23 Nov 2017

Very true. Perhaps OutSystems has some stats on which icons are actually used or most used and only need implement those.

The more I think about it now it does need a rethink to optimise for usage and performance.

J.30 Nov 2017

it would be great to have some plugin where we can choose the icons we are allowed to use and those are generated with the modules..

this will benefit also the consistency of the applications.