Add Bookmarks in Service Studio like Visual Studio

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Would be nice if the Service Studio having a system of Bookmarks like Visual Studio (for example). Where we can create bookmarks on our actions/screens by eSpace and navigate between bookmarks by using the Next Bookmark and Previous Bookmark buttons.

Also will be nice if Service Studio have a list of all Bookmarks:

I think that can be very helpfull in our development :)

Created on 23 Nov 2017
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Hi César Cação,

The "Reminder" comments aren't good enough for this?

Please, let me know what you think.


Hi @NunoMaurício,

maybe the reminders can be used to do something similiar to bookmarks, but more "primitive". I think that a Bookmark systems will be more friendly to navigate in action/screens.

Imagine that I'm working in the same two actions (action A and B), and I have the necessity to view the code on other actions. To  get back to one of these two actions (A or B) i need click on "Back to" or "Forward to" buttons until to find the action that I want to work, or i need to create two reminder (for each action A and B) to navigate between theirs. The both two solutions (I think) works but it isn't friendly as bookmarks system :)

And the reminders doesn't have its location on true change tab.

Thank you César for your answer. 

We'll consider this for future improvements.

If you have more ideas, please, keep them coming! 

We are always looking at them to make sure we're doing the right thing for our developers.


bookmarks are invented because you can of the enormous amounts of classes/methods one can produce in a 3gl language.

Imho Outsystems hides that fact and you end up with a clean small module(s) where the actions found easily by the search-functionality or the reminders...