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Forum posts in most development environment forums are notoriously sparse of needed information.  For example, there was a post yesterday with a Title of "Click on table records" and with text of...


How to capture an event when user click on a records on table records widgets?

I need to capture the selected records values and pass it to the another page.

Does anyone has idea how to do this?"

No mention of Web or Mobile.  Further information, several posts later, revealed that he was using a Popup.  So... overall... a terrible post.

The only clue to a platform was "table records" which is something that only exists in Web.

If you added a mandatory radio button with choices for Moble and Web, at least that would give readers of the message some kind of idea which area is being used.

Further, I could then search on Mobile answers or Web answers.  Frequently I search for an answer in the forum for a mobile problem only to get a bucket of web based answers which cannot apply.

I know this won't help past posts, but going forward, specifics in a forum post would help a great deal.



Created on 24 Nov 2017
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probably a checkbox would be better. There are cases that questions concern both types of applications.

Regards Harry