Switch Widget - Static Entity Identifier binding and automatic Condition generation

By erik berg on 1 Dec 2017

The idea is to have a new or modification to the existing Switch widget such that the switch widget can be bound to static entity identifier variable. Once bound, the switch widget will automatically create all the condition statements based on the elements in the static entity type.

  • There would be support to turn on and off Conditions for individual static entity values.
    • The interface would be patterned after the Web Screen's Roles property section
      • Auto Generated Conditions
      • Checkbox based on/off condition enablement
  • Additional Conditions
    • An Otherwise condition would handle cases where the static entity value does not match any turned on conditions.
    • A NullIdentifier condition would handle cases when the static entity value is a NullIdentifier().
    • An Unknown condition would be generated to handle when the static entity value does not match a defined static entity value (defined identifiers and NullIndentier()).
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