Validate Mandatory Attributes in Structures as Form Validation

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When a Structure have some mandatory attributes there is no way to validate if all non-optional atributes are filled.

If the strucuture were in Web Form is possible to validate. Would be great if structures can validate automatically. May be the structure can hava a "method" like to validate. Or an action to validate any structures.

Created on 1 Dec 2017
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Please consider hugely adopt this idea.

It's a big limitation that the use of structures cannot be make when we are using it on exposed apis.

It's a good approach to use structures on api and not individual parameters in many complex scenarios.

Imagine validating all of this manually. If many entities have some composable relations and collections, if we have more than one level, and doing all this manually it's a very consuming task, and if the relations change we have to change all manually.