Allow prefix/suffix when consuming external webservice

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I have an application where I consume 3 soap services:

Acceptance version 1.3

Production version 1.3

Acceptance 1.4

Actually these services are (almost) equal which results in duplicate names for methods, structures etc.

OutSystems just puts a 2 (and then a 3, 4...) behind every name that has to be unique.

I have to rename all objects I use to something meaningful to distinguish them.

My suggestion is that when importing the webservice you can specify a prefix and/or suffix which will cause all generated objects to adjust their name. Of course, if you specify the same prefix/suffix, OutSystems still will add the 2, 3, 4. But at least you would have the possibility to influence the names of the generated objects.


Peter Nijhuis.

Created on 7 Dec 2017
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I agree. especially because you also want to hide the webservice-structures from your other modules (aka mapping them to your own defined structures) 

This functionality already exists. Right-click the Web Reference and choose "Prefix Structures" (or something like that, don't have it up in front of me at the moment) and it will be done.


@Justin James: You are right with the "Prefix Structures", but this goes only for the structures. I am using a webservice with about 50 methods and I need 4 versions of this webservice. Now I rename the relevant methods manually, but I would like to have OutSystems do this for me.