Full screen developers editor

Service Studio
On our radar
I would like to have the possibility to switch to a full screen developers area/pane.

The necessary menu's should be floating and encapsulated.
Also handy for the process window.

I have created a mockup to show what I mean.

Fullscreen Mockup
Created on 16 Jul 2010
Comments (6)
19 Jul 2010

Great Idea :)
19 Aug 2013

Great idea! I Think that the floating menus could also be configured as sliding panels that appear on mouse hover on the edge of the screen or with a keyboard shortcut.

20 Aug 2013
Yup, totally agree that it should be an option :)

(multi-monitor support comes to mind as well)

15 Aug 2014
I can't believe I didn't think of of this. Awesome idea!

I also think they need to integrate more keyboard shortcuts to assist development, but that's another story :)
27 Aug 2014
I welcome not having to pan all over the place for lengthy flows.
11 Aug 2016

Fullscreen would be nice with sliding panels and such. But the ability to just hide the right "bar" (Processes, Interface, Logic, Data) would make me happy!