[ServiceCenter] - Add Disclaimer message automatically in the email body if Redirect Emails To Test List: True

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Add an option to include a disclaimer message in the email body if the e-mail was sent with Redirect Emails To Test List: True

In some use cases the default sender is not empty, so is difficult to understand if email received, was sent to the redirect email test list. 

Created on 21 Dec 2017
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Let me describe my use case:

My application user's create stupid application mails accounts and configured on TRAIN environment, and this sender e-mail account name is so abstract that i can't tell the environment where they were configured.

This way, is for me very difficult to understand from which environment i am receiving that email (since i am in different environments test list addresses).

A force default sender e-mail new setting, would also get this problem solved, this way all e-mails sent with redirect email to test list ON, would have the same from: