Email notification for ideas reply/comments

By Suraj Borade on 9 Jan (12 days ago)


It would be nice to have option to follow Ideas discussion as we have for our forum posts. So when I create any idea and someone comments on it, I should get notification. When I post on someone's idea and other user comments on it, I should get notifications. Currently I have to go to each idea and check the status and also sometimes we forget where we have commented and someone might be waiting for inputs from us.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Justin James10 Jan (11 days ago)

I am pretty sure it already works that way!


Suraj Borade11 Jan (10 days ago)

I never receive any email when someone comments on my idea or from idea wherever I comment.

Suraj Borade11 Jan (10 days ago)

Also on forum if we want, we can stop receiving mails for that post and same should be applicable for idea as well.

Ana12 Jan (9 days ago)

Hi Suraj,

you are right! But very soon you will be able to follow others ideas and receive notifications from your owns.

Very soon means during this quarter.   

Ana Sequeira

Suraj Borade12 Jan (9 days ago)

Wow Ana..!! That would be nice. Thanks.