Don't refresh application automatically on publish - or let it be a configurable parameter

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Hello all,

I've discussed this with a few people in order to understand if this would be something possible to do. Since I don't have the full context of how the platform generates and manages mobile apps, here it goes.

I have two very specific use cases that would require the platform to not automatically update the application on publish:

- Verify if everything is working properly with the given release (this could be achieved by properly documenting release procedures and test thoroughly but sometimes it's not doable due to the speed of which we need to change things)

- Release certain functionality to beta testers

The last one is a kind of a "useful" thing to have when developing a product - the ability to allow a small set of users to test new functionalities would let us gather feedback (personal or automated) and improve said funtionalities. I'm not sure how it works on Android, but on iOS I could use TestFlight to achieve this.

I'm perfectly aware that this could - and certainly will - involve a series of challenges in terms of the platform, but that doesn't stop me from requesting it. :)



Created on 9 Jan 2018
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Hi Armando,

By updating the app automatically, we allow apps to be updated  without the need of being published to the stores, thus decreasing the time an app takes to reach customers. This means that you can fix a critical bug on production in a question of minutes, and have your customers getting the new version almost immediately.

Nevertheless, this also poses some other issues, as the ones you mentioned, and, as of now, it's not possible to turn off this behavior.

As you also said, changing this behavior, or disabling it, involves lots of challenges, but, it's something we're trying to understand how we can improve and how we can tackle it.

It's  something that's definitely under our radar, and we're working on it.

Let me know if you come up with more scenarios where it would be useful to turn this feature off.

Best regards,

Ricardo Alves