Validate SOAP requests and responses against the WSDL

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OutSystems is all about integration with other systems. With this is mind, the platform provides two generic forms of integration, namely REST APIs and SOAP web services. In the case of SOAP web services, the platform relies on WSDL to generate SOAP web service consumers and to document exposed SOAP web services. As a WSDL is a formal definition of a service, it can be used to perform validation of requests and responses. It would be nice if the platform could do this automatically. 

I would rather have this validation always taking place but I can imagine that others would like to have it turned off in some scenarios. If the validation fails, an exception could be thrown with the exception message explaining the reason for the validation failure.

Created on 12 Jan 2018
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Hi Pedro,

It already does. When you publish a module, all consumed SOAP service definitions are checked and warnings are produced if they don't match.

Hi André,

I understand what you are saying but I mean something else. What I'm referring to is to have every single request message coming in and every single response message going out being checked against the WSDL. 

Irrespective of where or when a request message is coming in at the service, during runtime, I would like to have the request being validated. If it does not comply with the WSDL, then an exception would be thrown. This way we prevent any invalid requests from coming in without having to write any validation code ourselves.

The same would hold for every single response. Whenever the web service produces a response, before this is being sent out to the receiver, it would be validated against the WSDL. Again we would not have to write any code ourselves and still have the guarantee that no invalid responses are being sent out.