Can we get the training section of the site into an app?

By Douglas Wilkinson on 16 Jan

Currently, to even log into the website from a phone I have to specifically request the desktop version of the site.

I would like to be able to view the progress of my learning paths and watch some of the videos when not at my desk, e.g. on lunch breaks or while commuting.

Ideally it would be integrated into the Outsystems Now app but I may consider downloading a separate app for this.

I'm not aware of any convenient way to progress through the learning paths from a phone, if there is a way please enlighten me.



Ana17 Jan

Hi Douglas

as we talked, it is possible to learn OutSystems on your mobile and desktop devices. The mobile experience is responsive.

However since you had issues with the login, I will pass your feedback to the team. Feel free to share your sincere opinion about what you learned and how to learn it.