Support replacement of SMTP

On our radar

Sometimes you need to send e-mails using SendGrid or Microsoft Exchange Web Services (examples).

It would be good to be able to replace the default OutSystems mechanism (SMTP based) so is possible to use all the studio functionalities independently of the transport service.

Created on 17 Jan 2018
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Definitely something a lot of customers would benefit from.

Only having the smtp option is very limited, and customers usually don't allow smtp to be used directly. So they are not able to use the built-in email sending, nor the OutSystems way to create emails. Usually they have to revert to manually appending html code to get what they need.

We could really use a system similar to how authentication plugins or database connector plugins are used. This way we can easily integrate an external system, while still benefiting from the email features of the platform. 

(I've been thinking about creating something myself by disabling the scheduler service from picking up emails)