Drop constraints when an entity attribute is removed from the model

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When i drop an attribute in the model i get a Database Integrity Suggestion
"Inconsistent database table and entity definitions: column 'OSUSR_8o1_xxx.yyy' exists in database, but there is no corresponding attribute in entity 'xxx'."

But when do an alter table to drop the column i get an error:

The object 'DF__OSUSR_8H1__xxx__753F8AB0' is dependent on column 'yyy'.

So i first have to drop the constraint before being able to drop the column. It would be nice if that was not necessary. 

I do understand why the columns aren't dropped, but i don't think the constraints serve a purpose when the column is no longer present in the model.

Created on 26 Jan
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Also drop constraints if you delete the espace where the entity was.

Now I have a "ghost" entity with a FK to an active entity.. and I am unable to delete a record becaus ethere is a constraint on the ghost-entity.