Ideas scoring is not working properly

By Suraj Borade on 30 Jan (4 weeks ago)


Outsystems scoring mechanism says that when you submit Idea, outsystems will add 5 points to your ideas score and when you comment on idea, outsystems will add 2 points to your ideas score. 

but it seems that this scoring is not working properly because I have submitted 25 ideas and as per this my score should be minimum 125 and it looks like that for comments, I haven't received proper score. 

Someone please check.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Ana30 Jan (4 weeks ago)

Hi Suraj,

sure, let me check it internally with my team. Thank you for the feedback. 


Hanno31 Jan (3 weeks ago)

I believe when your idea is merged with an original idea you lose the 5 points as your idea is no longer original

Suraj Borade31 Jan (3 weeks ago)

Hi Hanno,

None of my idea is merged yet.