Service Studio CTRL+V should paste close to mouse pointer

By Hanno on 30 Jan (3 weeks ago)

When copying and pasting in Service Studio using the keyboard shortcuts, the elements are pasted in the top left corner as opposed to the right-click paste which will paste close to the current position of the mouse pointer.

I think it would add some consistency if the CTRL+V action also drops the elements close to the current position of the pointer.

leonardo.fernandes30 Jan (3 weeks ago)

Not close to the mouse pointer, but close to the original position where the element was copied from. This was actually the behavior a few versions ago, and I never understood why it changed.

Cut + paste should leave the object in the same place. Copy + delete + paste would do the same thing.

Copy + paste would paste the objects slightly to the right side. Because most flows are vertical (from top to bottom), then in most cases there will be some empty space to the right side of the copied nodes. If there's no room to paste the nodes slightly to the right, just keep increasing the distance and paste it farther away to the right. If the pasted objects end up outside of the current viewport, bring them into view.

José Gomes31 Jan (3 weeks ago)

I voted on this idea, but I do believe that the approach that Leonardo suggest is the best one!

Hanno31 Jan (3 weeks ago)

I have to agree with you both, José and Leonardo. The original position is more tangible and consistent than a mouse pointer which could be hovering over a side menu or properties view.

Tongue-in-cheek: The use case for the idea may have been biased by my mouse not being able to right-click!

leonardo.fernandes31 Jan (3 weeks ago)

Hum, I completely forgot that you could paste using the mouse right-click. Maybe in that case, it could make sense to paste the elements near the mouse, since you are pointing to a particular location at the screen...

Hanno31 Jan (3 weeks ago)

Especially if it is a long flow and you have scrolled down a bit to get to where you want to implement the logic. Sometimes this is a bit easier than selecting and dragging the elements to where you want them to go.