Mobile app for outsystems community

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Hello Team,

I have an idea, outsystems need to provide mobile app for both android and IOS. Everyone can access outsystems community from it and helps others.

Created on 31 Jan 2018
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Hi Rajat Agrawal,

How could the mobile app be different from the current website community experience, in terms of features, quick and easy?


Hi Ana, 

I don't want to say you need to change your features for mobile. I am simply asking you to provide mobile app for same thing.  Everyone can be easily active via mobile app and it easily accessible in all devices.

HI Rajat

and I'm just trying to understand what you 'd be able to do in a mobile app that you can't do today.

Can you give me some examples?



Yes mobile app will surely help.
As mobile app will allow users to quickly navigate to latest feeds in community. They can directly ask questions or give answers on the go. 

Hi Ana, 

Tell me why all social networking sites & ecommerce plateform need mobile app?

While transition, did you easily mark your presence in outsystems forum or can help anyone?

One small example via mobile app everyone will remain active whole day which is not possible via website.


Rajat Agrawal