Provide better option to see all community users

By Suraj Borade on 1 Feb (3 weeks ago)


Currently I could see only 10 users from the Forum and if I go to ranking section, I could see 10 more users and if I go to Ideas section, I could see +10 but if I want to send personal message to some user, I cannot see the name of that user anywhere on outsystems site. In forum, I need to search name of that user and if he/she has answered/created some post, his/her name is popping up and from there I need to go to profile and send the personal message.

On community page/ somewhere else, if users are listed based on there ranking, it would be helpful to search users and communicate with them.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Ana2 Feb (3 weeks ago)

Hi Suraj,

we are working on it right now. And very very soon, you will be able to search them by name, by country and company. Stay tuned!

Ana Sequeira

Suraj Borade2 Feb (3 weeks ago)

Thanks Ana for the updates.