Service Studio - Bring properties for FK attribute entity

By Maycon Oleczinski on 1 Feb (3 weeks ago)

When creating an attribute (e.g.: "CompanyId" from a "Company" existing/origin entity) makes bring all applicable properties from origin entity like "Description" and "Label" to the entity where added.

Now we've to insert again (for some cases) the same info that original attribute have.

Abilio Matos1 Feb (3 weeks ago)

Hi Maycon,

Can you elaborate more what you are trying to explain?

Abílio Matos

Maycon Oleczinski1 Feb (3 weeks ago)



In origin entity Company have attribute "Id" that contains Description and Label properties with defined (by us) infos.

In other entity add the attribute FK "CompanyId" (next image), the same properties infos are empty or have other info ("Label"). These could be brought from origin.

I hope made me understand.