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Please create an official currency input input mask and formatter for input boxes for both web and mobile.  There are some forge components for this, but they are unreliable.  I have wasted hours and hours trying to get this working properly in OutSystems and so far it still doesn't work for either web or mobile.  It's frustrating a time-saving platform like OutSystems missing something so many users need.


  • Select prefix or suffix currency symbol.
  • Select currency symbol, group symbol, and decimal symbol.
  • Select number of decimals displayed.
  • In web, compatible with Ajax Refresh of the input widget.
  • In mobile, bind to a decimal or integer variable even when displaying currency symbol, group symbol, and decimal symbol.
Created on 6 Feb 2018
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Additional info:

For mobile:  Input Masks Mobile - It works fairly well, but you cannot initialize the input value without having it divided by 100.

For web:  None of the plugins or sample code found survives an Ajax refresh.


You need to refresh both input and mask. My suggestion is to wrap them in container and refresh the container.

Abilio Matos