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When a new client buys an OutSystems cloud environment, and delegates a first project to a partner, one of the first things he needs to do is to provide the developers a LifeTime account. Right now, this process is cumbersome, because the client doesn't even know what LifeTime is at this stage, and doesn't know how to use it. He might have forgotten the password. He might spend a couple days trying to create an account, and delaying the start of the project.

There's also a cumbersome step that the client must create a fake password, and relay this password via email. Some developers don't change the password afterwards, which makes the whole system insecure.

My proposal is that a partner developer could go to LifeTime and click a "Request account on this environment" link. The developer would fill a form with name, username, email and password, and click a button "Request account" button. This would send an email to LifeTime administrators, with a link to approve the request. Clicking the link leads into a screen which doesn't require login, but allows to approve or reject the new account, and allows to edit the username. Approving the request then sends back an email to the developer, confirming the username.

Created on 14 Feb 2018
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Forgot to mention that the self-service form should also ask the LifeTime role, which can be overriden when approving the request.

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