Remove Unanswered Very Old Discussion From Community

Working on it
expected delivery on Q2 2018

There are so many unanswered posts in the community which are year long. Can we cleanup such post which are not marked as solution or have no further comments on it (may be before 2015).

This help you to get limited result while searching in community.



Created on 21 Feb (4 weeks ago)
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22 Feb (4 weeks ago)

There is still great content in the older posts so it would not be ideal to have them deleted.

What could be a better option is to sort the results by relevance that includes the time that it was last updated and how many views it has had.

13 Mar (7 days ago)

Changed the status to Working on it

Hi everyone,

We don't have a final solution for that problem, but we will be working very soon in an experience that will allow us to give less relevance for that outdated and old posts.


Ana Sequeira

19 Mar (23 hours ago)

Thanks Ana for considering this...