"Upload will be skipped" Question

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When you Publish an Espace in Service Studio or in Service Center and the Platform detects and alerts the users that: "A version of this oml is already on the server, upload skiped", a popup should appear asking us what do we want to do next, with the following options:

1- Continue publishing version that is already on the server
2- Stop Publishing
3- Force upload of this version and publish

This is because 95% of times that I see the message that "the upload will be skipped", I want to STOP the publishing process, because I wasn't expecting that behaviour and I will want to correct something.

The 3rd option I'm suggesting is debatable, because if you use it, it means there's probably an error in the comparison engine and we should report it to Outsystems, but it could be usefull.

What do you guys think?
Created on 27 Jul 2010
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