Automatically set "Is Active Attribute" of Entity (configuration) when an attribute named Is_Active or IsActive is created.

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So that's pretty much what's on the title. If I create an attribute named Is_Active or IsActive (which will, by default, be a boolean value), set that as the "Is Active Attribute" property of the entity.

Maybe the same for the Order By  - if we create an attribute named Order.

For Label, it doesn't seem very straightforward so I'll keep that out :)

Created on 4 Mar 2018
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If Outsystems did implemented this, then in your master list screen scaffolding, you should remove is_active filter from aggregate in preparation.

Otherwise, you cannot re-activate inactive record.


For System.User entity, when you do the master list screen scaffolding, the filter is there by default - which is the behavior that I would really like to have without having me to explicitly set the Is_Active attribute on entities. If you want to do a more complete scenario, you can always add more filters or change default behaviors.

Instead of adding the attribute then associating it, go to the advanced properties of the entity and click "Add a new Attribute"

The value proposition is to avoid going into the advanced properties of the entity.