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I would like to have a search function in the stylesheet editor, so I do not have to copy the entire style to Microsoft Word before I can do a search.

Created on 7 Mar 2018
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The top right Search works on stylesheet editor.

If you open the stylesheet editor and then go to the Search and type your "search text" there should be a option to search on stylesheet. 

After that use F3 to search for next or Shift + F3 to search for previous.

Abílio Matos

Hi Abilio Matos, 

First of al, thanks for your valuable input.

Is it not more user-friendly to show a search functionality on the screen itself? Several developers have indicated that they do not know how to search in the CSS file.



Agree that it isn't the most user-friendly, but I would say that the stylesheet editor isn't user-friendly, at least for me.

That popup editor should be reviewed.

Abílio Matos

I would go a bit further and suggest to have a left-side navigation panel in style sheet editor, like we have in Microsoft Word, whose content is fed by the document's headings and sub-headings.

In the style sheet editor's case, the navigation panel's content could be fed by special comment tags.

Dear Ricardo,

That would indeed be even more convenient!

Hopefully Outsystems does something with the idea.

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All when you touch the CSS files and as OutSystems Service Studio has spitted the functionality for several views. It would be nice to be able to search directly from the editor specific texts from all views. Sometimes you might wonder, where the CSS class has been defined and takes too long time to find out.

Text search and replace functionality with Regexp support would be really for Service Studio CSS editor.

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