[Integration Studio] Compare and merge extensions

By Robert Chanphakeo on 28 Jul 2010
Just like you can compare and merge eSpaces: Add the ability to compare and merge extensions.
Ricardo Camacho19 Aug 2010
How do you propose that to work Robert? I'm a bit unsure as to how you can merge components external to the platform (from which a wxtension usually derives...)
Hello Ricardo

Compare and merge extension feature for Integration Studio should work in a similar manner as Compare and merge eSpaces under Service Studio.

You created 4 methods under class1 and 6 methods under class2.

Now you want to compare and merge class1 with class2, so you would first open class1, then use the compare and merge feature to open class2, select the method/ that you want to merge, selected methods in class2 will now copy over into class1 and adding or replacing the methods in class1.

Outsystens calls methods "Actions" and class libraries "Extensions".