Why don't we have some logic that tell current publisher about last recent publish.

Not right now


Currently when two developers are publishing same espace at the same time ,it will not ask or notify one developer that another publishing is going on.

And we wanted to maintain some gap like few minutes which should be configurable. So when one developer publishes Esapce (any espace in any application in same server) and when another developer tries to publishes with in configured time period, He should be notified that he last publish happened and wait for time, and should not allowed to publishes in that time.

So that we can stop server crashes, this will reduce the load on server, Since  server will have to work on only one persons code deployment.


Ramakrushna Rao Seera

Created on 9 Mar 2018
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Hi Ram,

Thanks for the idea, but...

the server should not crash, and OutSystems is obviously much more interested in fixing the problems that make the server crash, instead of creating a feature to limit the functionality of the product.



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Not right now

Hi Ramakrushna Rao Seera,

As João Santos said, while your suggestion is most appreciated, it is not aligned with the vision we have for the product.

Cheers for the feedback and please keep it coming!