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Actually I can't use "Step Into" debug if a server action doesn't belong to the actual eSpace, even this isn't a System eSpace.

Example, I have a "REST Integration Core" for Google API's eSpace and an another Google People API to consume these specific methods. While debugging, step into a REST Integration Core action, the Service Studio doesn't open to detailed debug, an option is creating a single WebScreen with only one button points to an action with desired params.

Created on 14 Mar (8 days ago)
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16 Mar (6 days ago)

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17 Mar (5 days ago)

@Saulo Gonçalves, while I agree that it would be nice if "Step Into" went into action that are in different modules, I would like to highlight that you can already debug across eSpaces, but you have to start from the consumed action.

As you can see in the screenshot above, if you add a breakpoint to a public action, you'll get a "Debug Setup" tab that allows you to choose the eSpace where the screen /timer / web service that started the request are. For this to work, the consumer eSpaces can't have outdated references (some people complain debugging across eSpaces doesn't work, because they don't know this).