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Not right now

The Outsystems community is growing bigger and bigger.

By hearing the ideas of the community members, Outsystems has a lot of brains working for them that try to increase the product value.

Given this I feel it’s good to give the community a little push / tap on the shoulder as a positive feedback to the ideas.

Wouldn’t it be nice to choose a monthly best idea and reward the one who thought up this idea in some way? 

Created on 18 Mar 2018
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Hi Eric,

In your opinion, what should be taken into account to select the best idea?


Ricardo Reis

Hi Ricardo; that would be:

1. The rating the community gives it

2. The advantage / renewance level it has for the developers & Outsystems customer(s)

3. Whether it is going to be adopted or not

4. How enthusiastic the Outsystems Devteam becomes of the idea

5. What advantage it has for Outsystems as a company

6. What it serves (Startup company / Developers in generic / Enterprises / The community)

Changed the status to
Not right now

HI Eric

thank you so much for your idea. We don't have plans to work on it in the next months but let's keep it and follow up .