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Ability to import and convert html code to Outsystems widgets

Created on 20 Mar 2018
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How would that work?

What will be the advantage of it?

Is it plain html, or does it include inline styling/javascript?

Carlos, you can include any piece of HTML on an OutSystems page by using an unescaped expression. If you still want/need to deal with raw HTML, that's the way to go.

If you're talking about reverse-engineering a piece of HTML and automatically build an OutSystems screen that resembles the HTML, that is science fiction at best, and I don't expect to see it happening in my lifetime.

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Hi guys,

Many of us work with UI / UX teams that provide the html of the pages/layouts to be implemented in Outsystems. The task of re-creating these Layouts in Outsystems on large projects is time consuming and is no more than converting divs into containers, spans into expressions, ... The platform helps us to shorten development time in many of the routine activities and a functionality in Service Studio to Import / convert html content to Outsystems native html widgets could help save us a good development time. Html in expressions is a practice to avoid, developers implemented html that way precisely to avoid wasting too much time converting html to outsystems widgets and it is terrible to maintain applications built that way

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Hi Carlos,

Despite being an interesting idea (and thank you for posting it), we don't have plans to do it. As Leonardo said, reverse-engineering is not trivial, HTML does not match directly with the widgets we provide and it's not clear what sort of integration would this have with the product.

Nevertheless, keep the ideas coming :)


Ricardo Alves