Expand OutSystems Now with new Plugins

Not right now


I would be good if we could expand OutSystems Now with new plugins, for testing purposes.

The would avoid the time needed to build a native app when testing functionalities that need an unsupported plugin.

The development process would be:

  1. Create a plugin
  2. Generate native app
  3. Testing on a phone
  4. Generate a custom OutSystems Now with the new plugin 
  5. Test and build the rest of the application using the custom OutSystems Now

Versus the current situation:

  1. Create a plugin
  2. Test on a phone
  3. Build an app
  4. Generate native app
  5. Test on a phone
  6. Change the app
  7. Generate native app
  8. Test on a phone
  9. ...



Created on 22 Mar 2018
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Not right now

Hi Renato,

We're not planning on delivering this in the near future. By generating a native app via our Mobile Apps Build Service, you'll get an OutSystems Now like app, with a lot of improvements and full compatibility with OS 10. Because of this, I'm marking this idea as "not right now".

Nevertheless, thank you very much for you idea, and keep it coming.


Ricardo Alves

Hi Renato,

On what you call  "current situation" why do you have to generate the app the second time?

Step 6 "Change the app" really depends on what you change. In most situations it doesn't require generating the app again.

Check here the scenarios: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Delivering_Mobile_Apps/Mobile_App_Update_Scenarios#Situations_When_the_User_Must_Install_a_New_Build


Hi Miguel,

Thank you very much for the feedback.

It was a lack of knowledge from my side - I didn't realize I could debug and update an app on the phone without generating a new APK. 

That's great!