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Often, I split Service Studio into two separate windows in order to multitask - make some changes in eSpace A while eSpace B is publishing, for example.

However, some UI activities block all Service Studio threads (e.g.: clicking Manage Dependencies on the window containing eSpace B freezes the window which has eSpace A opened), which is antiproductive and annoying.

Occasionally, an error that happened on window A crashes SS, and all windows are closed (including window B, leading to loss of work).

I'd love to see it reworked. I think Google Chrome is the best example. Each tab is completely isolated: if one of them crash, the other ones are left intact.

Created on 26 Mar 2018
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I support this idea and have experienced the same frustrations. Our use case typically is having separate windows for different environments, i.e. hot-fixing a  bug in PROD after fixing in DEV or TEST.

Yes, I had these kind of crashes many times when using multiple environments in parallel. Better error handling and multithreading for tabs is a must for a modern mature IDE, it is now time to grow up! 

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Hey Caio!

Nice feedback, Thanks :)