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I miss the opportunity to delete my own submitted idea or topic in the forum. I would like to see a button shortcut with "edit" and "delete".

Created on 28 Mar (3 weeks ago)
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28 Mar (3 weeks ago)

When I have submitted a new idea, I get a quick shortcut below to change and delete my idea. But when I close the screen and go back to my idea, I no longer see the buttons.

28 Mar (3 weeks ago)

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28 Mar (3 weeks ago)

Hi Ferious,

That possibility is already implemented and, from the moment you create a new idea, you have:

  • 30 minutes to edit it;
  • 6 hours to delete it.

Besides, I couldn't replicate the behaviour you describe in your comment, i.e, I created a new idea and then went back and forth to my idea's detail page and I could always see the options to edit and delete the idea. 

Were you logged in when you got back to your idea's detail page?


Ricardo Reis

28 Mar (3 weeks ago)

Hi Ricardo, 

Is it not more user-friendly to be able to delete your own topic / idea at any time? 

Why did they actually choose for this method? As a starter, I want to decide for myself whether to leave or delete my topic/idea. It is possible that I have shared sensitive information.