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Service Studio
On our radar
  • Drag a parameter (input/output) to an action screen to create an assignment entry. <Similar to autocomplete but we just have to drag and drop>
  • Drag a parameter (input/output of boolean type) to add and "if" component to an action screen.
  • Add simliar functionality to attach a picture to attach any kind of attachments to an object (list element, action, etc)
  • Add ability to drag entity to edit/show screen to create multi-select drop down (i.e. associate multiple categories with a record, you don't necessarily need to have a whole table list to do this)
  • Right click on an action associated with a web page or web block to convert it to a system action.
  • Ability to customize the toolbar like other IDE's (i.e. add commonly used widgets or actions)
Created on 29 Jul 2010
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31 Jul 2015
It would be nice to improve even more the productivity.
14 Mar

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