MySQL integration

on 24 Sep 2014
OutSystems 9
Hello everyone

Basically I'm sugesting an identical wizard such as those that already connect to SQL Server or Oracle

Created on 30 Jul 2010
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You can not defy one of the largest databases used on the Internet. 
5 Nov 2010
It's a great idea!
There are many systems that we could integrate with Outsystems and those systems store data in MySql.
If there was a wizard the work needed for integration becomes Agile !!!!
6 Nov 2010
Good idea!
29 Nov 2010
Excelent idea!! I'm trying to use Agile Platform as development platform but the lack of support for so common databases like MySQL and Postgres is a huge problem.
6 Feb 2011
The lack of support for OS databases really limits the usefulness in my company. Cool concept, but will remain limited to our toy projects since it gives us no agility to work with our existing developments.
1 Jun 2011
I couldn't agree more.  I'm trying to get a company to use this that is totally anti-Windows and has MySQL everywhere.
19 Oct 2011
I would vote for this as well, obviously there would be potential cost benefits for clients.
Milagros Behrens
3 Apr 2012
Great I learned a lot here
20 Apr 2012
given the excellent performance and ease of use of this database, it would be great to have this database as an alternative option to Sql Server and Oracle
22 Jun 2012
My vote is for Postgres - the best free database there is for commercial enterprise apps.
20 Jan 2013
any news when MySQL will be integrated? =)
12 Feb 2013
+1 for me
25 Feb 2013
could this be considered as done?
26 Feb 2013
technically not done I think.
ou still need sqlserver/oracle for your platform server I think?

28 Feb 2013
could this be considered as done?
27 Jan 2014
The connector is not the same thing as native integration. In order to have the OutSystems platform you need to buy an SQL Server license or an Oracle one. The idea is to support MySQL, that you don't have to buy the database license. The whole point is that.
28 Jun 2014
This idea has a new status "WIP (Work in progress)" does that mean outsystems is officially working on implementing MySQL?

2 Sep 2014
Yes version 9 come with MySQL support.
Indeed, OutSystems Platform 9 brings you not only a built in database connector for MySql (so you can visually integrate with any external MySql database), but also the ability to deploy the platform on top of MySql (as its underlying database stack). This allows you to have OutSystems Platform running over a completely open source stack (if you choose the JBoss AS + MySql combination).
Enjoy :)
17 Dec 2014
@Goncalo, which version of 9.0 is certified to run mySQL natively? (no longer experimental).

All. It has been certified since the public GA of Platform 9.
1 Jul 2016